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Hospitality sector agreement launched to cut waste

A new voluntary set up could save the hospitality industry £76 million by the end of 2015 through waste reduction and recycling has been launched today (June 26) by WRAP. More than 60 restaurants, hotels, industry bodies and government departments have contracted to the Hospitality and Food […]

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‘UK’s first’ product sustainability forum launched

A ‘cutting edge’ forum which will tackle the environmental footprint of everyday items has been launched on June 21. The Product Sustainability Forum (PSF) brings together over 80 organisations including retailers, suppliers, environmental charities, academics and UK governments in the first collaboration of its kind. It will […]

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HMRC clarifies landfill charges after row over ‘skip tax’

Officials issue new guidance after confusion over rules results in skip operators charged £64 to dump waste instead of £2.50. Officials have moved to defuse a row over rubbish, after skip operators complained they were being subjected to a 2,500% increase in the tax for dumping waste. […]

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HMRC have announced two changes to the rules regarding Landfill Tax

In a brief published on Friday (May 18), the HMRC said that tax should be paid on material used to protect or ‘provide a suitable stable substrate’ for the overlying layers at the top of a landfill cell. Known as the ‘top fluff layer’, this is around […]

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Zero Waste – What does it actually mean?

I wanted to discuss the term zero waste, its meanings and how it can help create a sustainable waste infrastructure. Much focus in recent CSR policy for businesses has been on achieving the ultimate goal of zero waste. Indeed many companies have set a target to achieve […]

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