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Environment Agency searches 60 illegal waste disposal sites

On 28th March 2013 the environment agency raided around 60 waste disposal sites across the UK in a bid to reduce waste crime. 100 Enviornment Agency officers were used as part of the synchronized combat against waste crime. The operation was codenamed – operation cyclone, the main targets of the operation were scrap metal yards suspected of carrying out illegal vehicle dismantling and and construction projections where construction waste was suspected of being disposed of unlawfully.

Stop and searches of vehicles were conducted on the roadside, with help from the Police, Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, British Transport Police, HMRC and Trading Standards, in addition aerial surveillance was also used to monitor activity and suspected illegal disposal sites.

A substance named ‘Smart Water’ was used to mark the waste, in a bid to prevent future dumping and exporting of waste. Smart Water is sprayed onto waste and leaves a mark only identifiable by UV light, it can be used to track waste and prove its source as evidence in cases of prosecution.

Illegal waste sites undercut legitimate businesses and waste sites, therefore accepting waste for disposal at much reduced rates, causing damage to the environment. The Environment Agency have shown that they want waste to be collected and treated in the right way, coming down hard on criminals.

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