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Europe’s Reforming Waste Management: from Landfill to Recycling

The advancement in technology and industrialization in Europe has resulted in a wealthy society. But it is said that there are two sides to every coin. The downside of this tremendous growth is the degradation of the environment and the generation of tonnes and tonnes of dump […]

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Landfill mining – Profiting from treated waste? Is it rubbish?

Last month it was released that Zero Waste Scotland are planning on following in the footsteps of leading economies such as the United States, Thailand and Korea who have put landfill mining into action. Although the Scottish government is only researching at this time it is very […]

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Landfill reliant SMEs risk becoming uncompetitive

Small businesses are about to chuck away £470m in landfill tax this year by not recycling adequately enough, as documented by new research. An investigation carried out on behalf of Veolia by SQW have discovered that last year SMEs in the british isles spent £430m on tax […]

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HMRC clarifies landfill charges after row over ‘skip tax’

Officials issue new guidance after confusion over rules results in skip operators charged £64 to dump waste instead of £2.50. Officials have moved to defuse a row over rubbish, after skip operators complained they were being subjected to a 2,500% increase in the tax for dumping waste. […]

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HMRC have announced two changes to the rules regarding Landfill Tax

In a brief published on Friday (May 18), the HMRC said that tax should be paid on material used to protect or ‘provide a suitable stable substrate’ for the overlying layers at the top of a landfill cell. Known as the ‘top fluff layer’, this is around […]

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10 tips to reduce Waste Managment Costs

General waste collections have become more and more expensive over the last 10 years mostly due to the impact of landfill tax. Landfill tax is designed to encourage businesses to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill and has increased from £21 a tonne in […]

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