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The Pros and Cons of Working with a Single Waste Management Supplier

As businesses grow and production of goods increases every day, one of the biggest problems we face today is proper waste control and waste management. Indeed, no company can claim to be completely efficient in ensuring that it does not produce any waste or all of its waste is appropriately recycled. Today, the European Union lays much importance of effective waste collection, recycling and disposal.

As a profit-making business, you should be aware of the environmental damage caused by the various production and manufacturing processes used. A lot of waste is generated through the production of various products and also their consumption. It is important to understand what constituents the various waste products. Also, as a responsible business, you should also be aware of the potential hazards to the community and the society if the waste is not disposed in a proper manner.

First and foremost, you should understand the difference between non-degradable and biodegradable waste that is produced. More than biodegradable waste, it is non-degradable waste that requires special attention and which needs to be further recycled for efficient disposal.  Sewage water from kitchen, human waste, plastic, concrete as well as paper comes under non-degradable waste products.

Several municipal committees that look into the local affairs of a particular region are also responsible for effective waste recycling and waste collection. Apart from the municipal bodies that look into waste management, there are many private firms that specialize in providing effective waste disposal and waste management. As mentioned, these firms operate on a private platform without any help from government authorities.

Waste Management Services

Before you hire any private firm for waste collection and recycling, it is very important to know the role of such service providers and what their responsibilities are. A reputed waste management firm will offer various services like providing pressure cleaning services, construction dumpsters, portable toilets among other things.

However, choosing one dependable supplier to handle your production plant’s waste is always a good idea. When you have multiple waste management suppliers who are responsible for managing different types of waste streams, it becomes difficult to co-ordinate with each one of them. You have to always keep a check on all the suppliers to ensure all the waste reaches the right location. This can cause you much hassle and it is time as well as money consuming to hire several waste suppliers.

Why choose a single supplier?

Having multiple suppliers means you have to negotiate several contracts with the various supplier companies. It means you need to constantly communicate with several people. Each of them will only focus on their particular area of responsibility as they are not concerned about the complete waste management of your company. On the other hand, when you choose a single waste collection and recycling supplier, they will be solely responsible for the entire waste management of your company, such as Polidor Recycling. Since the supplier has knowledge of the complete picture of different waste streams, the single supplier is in a better position to give you sound advice about the most effective waste management techniques. Thus, you do not have to get confused by the suggestions from multiple suppliers.

Consistency in operations

Another advantage of working with one supplier is that it leads to service consistency. When working with a single waste disposal provider, you can easily track its performance and accordingly set the quality control measures which you think are essential to enhance the level of services offered.

Better understanding

When you are working with a one supplier, it will start understanding your company’s challenges in terms of waste management in a better way. They will be abreast of all the problem areas for your company’s waste management and thus develop appropriate solutions for effective waste collection. Also, the supplier starts treating your business as one of its most important clients and will give full attention to your company’s work. They also feel motivated to perform better every time so as to win a long-term contract with your company. They are well aware that a poor performance would mean they lose you as a client.

Tailored services

When working with an individual supplier, you can also demand tailored waste management solutions for your company. Polidor Recycling is a reputed waste management company. It offers its services across the country for effective waste collection and waste disposal. Polidor Recycling not just handles general waste but also offers its services in different waste streams like mixed waste recycling. It boasts a pool of highly trained staff who have immense experience in handling different kinds of waste. They make use of advanced technologies and innovations to ensure the waste management process is convenient and safe for everyone involved.

Disadvantages of working with a single supplier

Though there are several benefits of working with a single waste collection company, it also has some pitfalls. Firstly, when working with a single waste management provider, you are completely dependent on the company. Thus, it is very important that you hire a supplier who enjoys a reputed image in the industry. Hiring a supplier who has many years of waste handling experience is ideally a good decision. Also, before you hire a supplier, you may also want to check his past record with other business. If the supplier has a list of prestigious clients for whom he has managed waste streams, then it is a good idea to hire the same supplier.

Also, if you are stuck with one supplier, you may miss out on advanced technologies used by other waste management companies in efficient waste disposal. For instance, many new-age suppliers use waste collection trucks that run on clean natural gas and not diesel. Also, some suppliers make use of the methane gas produced naturally in landfills to provide energy to the waste treatment plants. Also, if your single supplier does not provide trash-pick up as often as you want, then it may be difficult for you to handle the waste.

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